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Interview with Diana Warner of Eventistry by Diana

Diana Warner, owner and creative director of Eventistry by Diana, is a wedding planner based in Cleveland, Ohio. In our very frank conversation, we talked about what it takes to chart your own course (and be yourself) in an industry that often breeds conformity, competition, and perfectionism.

Diana is a straight shooter who doesn't have a problem telling it like it is. We had a refreshingly honest conversation about ideal clients, learning to be true to yourself, and what COVID has meant to those of us in the wedding industry and to entrepreneurs in general.

Diana also had a lot of insight about the regulatory side of dealing with the pandemic, and she talked openly about how nebulous the mandates (and people's interpretations of them) have been. She also talked about how she's dealt with people's varying willingness to follow the mandates, and what's at stake for vendors and clients alike when clients or vendors choose to bend the rules.

Download the episode here or listen below.

Where to find her:

Social media: @eventistrybydiana on Instagram, @eventistrybydiana on Facebook

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