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Interview with Irma Garcia of Earth and Sun Co.

Irma Garcia is the owner of Earth and Sun Co., a photography and videography company based in Rhode Island and serving all of New England and beyond. Irma joins Regina and Cate to talk about how her passion bled from photography to videography and back again, why pretending to be someone you're not will always lead to failure, and the impact of aligned branding on reaching the right clients.

We talked at length about why and how Irma overcommunicates upfront with potential clients, and Irma explained how the responsibilities and time commitment of photographers and videographers differ, from the perspective of someone who does both.

All three of us connected over the theme of learning to be our authentic selves with clients, and finding clients who are looking for exactly what we do best instead of trying (and inevitably failing) to be perfect for everyone. We got real about the impact COVID has had on our businesses and our lives, and (as usually happens) Irma described a learning experience that was especially hard for her, but ultimately helped her grow her business to heights she never expected. As she said, "It wouldn't be a business if you weren't crying some nights."

Irma was down to earth, clear as a bell about what she does and who she does it for, and we loved having her on as a guest!

Download the episode here or listen below.

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Social media: @earthandsunco_ on Instagram, @earthandsunco on Facebook

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