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Interview with Regina Burrus of Weddings by Regina Marie

Regina Burrus, owner of Weddings by Regina Marie and co-host of this podcast, is a certified wedding planner and coordinator based out of Waterbury, Connecticut. This was a special episode where we turned the tables on the interviewer, and to do this, we invited Paulo and Irsa of John Paulo Films back to guest host with Cate! In our conversation, we talked all about the invisible benefits of hiring a wedding planner, the 'why' behind the phrase, 'you get what you pay for,' and how Regina's job as a nurse impacts (and is impacted by) her role as a wedding planner.

As always, Regina brought energy, humor, and great stories to our discussion of weddings. It was such a treat to have her in the spotlight for once! We got to hear more of her backstory (spoiler: we learn Regina was a self-described outcast Goth in high school), and she let us in on *truly* behind-the-scenes horror stories that made us laugh and cringe all at the same time. She talks about how she discovered who her ideal clients are, and she has excellent advice for people planning their wedding, and specifically those who are thinking of hiring a wedding planner.

What stands out about this conversation, however, is Regina's dedication to her clients' vision, her integrity as a wedding vendor and professional, and her honesty, describing how experience is hard-earned and worthy of value and merit.

Download the episode here or listen below.

Where to find her:

Social media: @WeddingsByReginaMarie on Instagram, @WeddingsByReginaMarie on Facebook, @WeddingsByRegin on Pinterest

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