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Interview with Rev. Maureen Cotton of The Soulful Wedding

Reverend Maureen Cotton is a coach and officiant based in Beverly, Massachusetts and serving all of New England. She joined Regina and Cate for a wonderful, meaningful, meandering conversation about tradition, ritual, and why weddings are so full of potential.

Maureen is not your average wedding officiant. She works with couples in a therapeutic coaching relationship prior to their wedding to ask big picture questions and find out what matters to them, and why. She thinks of this as an imperative not only for wedding planning, but also as the foundation for a solid, successful, communicative marriage.

Maureen was so much fun to talk to because her experience and knowledge base are so broad--she is truly interested in and passionate about so many things. Our discussion took turns from the profound and heavy to the lighthearted and joyful, and by the end of her interview, we felt like we had been hypnotized by her compassionate and empathic energy.

You can download the episode here or listen below!

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Social media: @maureencottonceremonies on Instagram

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