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Interview with Camp Laurelwood

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Camp Laurelwood, in addition to its long history as a Jewish day camp, is also a wedding and event venue located in Madison, CT. (It also happens to be Cate's dream wedding location!) Regina and Cate spoke with Camp Laurelwood's Retreat Center Director Craig Barrows about wedding receptions that last all night, clients who have blown him away with their creativity, and what makes getting married at camp so special.

Camp Laurelwood is a place of fun and excitement where every camper and client is made to feel important. As an organization, it is guided by their core values; peoplehood, welcoming, kindness, health, and community. It offers a unique wedding experience for people who love the outdoors, want their families and friends to gather for longer than just the length of the ceremony and reception, and want a truly memorable wedding experience.

Camp Laurelwood is a diverse and inclusive community. Campers, clients, and staff of different races, cultures, practices, abilities, sexual orientations, family structures, and gender identities come to Camp Laurelwood year after year because they know they’re more than accepted. They’re celebrated!

Download the episode here or listen below.

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