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Interview with Carly Kyd of Queenie's Cocktail Bar

Carly Kyd is the creator and owner of Queenie's Cocktail Bar, a mobile cocktail bar based out of Simsbury, Connecticut. In our delightful and light-hearted conversation, we learned about Queenie's origin story, the hilarity of trial-testing drinks (the words 'pond sludge' and 'frog spawn' may have been uttered), and why Carly's husband and fellow bartender often gets sidetracked by guests towards the end of the night.

Carly was also straightforward about the challenges of starting an alcohol-based business in Connecticut AND about how it felt to have her first full year in business be 2020! We learned that gin isn't nearly as popular here as it is in England (and possibly spent way too much time delving into the hows and whys of this mystery), and she taught us a new tip for how to successfully pee in a wedding dress.

Carly was a delight to chat with, and learning about her bespoke creations and how they bring life to any party made Regina and Cate want to sit outside, gins in hand, and listen to Carly's lovely British accent some more.

Download the episode here or listen below.

Where to find her:

Social media: @queeniescocktailbar on Instagram, @barqueenie on Twitter

Find the hosts on social:

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