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Interview with Cate Barry of Cate Barry Photography

Cate Barry, owner of Cate Barry Photography and co-host of this podcast, is a wedding and portrait photographer based out of New Haven, Connecticut. This was part two of a special episode where we turned the tables on the interviewer, and to do this, we invited Paulo and Irsa of John Paulo Films back to guest host with Regina! In our conversation, we talked about taking the long view of wedding photography and asking clients big questions about their 'why' to get at the heart of what matters to them most.

In our chat, Cate discusses what most of her clients seem to have in common and why being the 'right fit' for and with people is so important to her. Things get emotional when Regina recalls the photo session she and her family had with Cate before Regina's father passed, and they get to the heart of why photography really matters--and what photographs Cate will always prioritize on a wedding day.

The four of them get real about touchy topics in the wedding industry, and Cate explains why she's obsessed with her wedding albums and the unusual reason she's all about a first look. She also talks about her commitment to centering fellow LGBTQ+ folks, and why she thinks it's much more than just 'luck' that connects her with all the right clients.

Cate opens up and is vulnerable in this interview way more than she normally feels comfortable doing, and it was such a pleasure having this safe, friendly environment to do it!

Download the episode here or listen below.

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Social media: @CateBarryPhotography on Instagram, @CateBarryPhotography on Facebook, @CateBarryPhotography on Pinterest

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