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Interview with Gary Bass of MNE Events

Gary Bass is the founder/owner of MNE Events, a full-service Connecticut-based entertainment company that offers DJ and emcee services, photo booths, lighting and sound, and photography for weddings and events. Gary joined us to talk about his entrepreneurial journey, his approach to weddings, and why this lane change has been satisfying for the popular hip hop radio personality.

Gary entertained us with stories of his widely varied weddings, and we all agreed that expanding your knowledge of people different from yourself is not only rewarding; it's also a blast. He talked about enjoying not being pigeonholed in the wedding industry. By working with all different kinds of couples with all different tastes and cultures, he's been able to stretch and show off different parts of his own personality and musical repertoire.

Gary brought enthusiasm, passion, and straight-up joy to our discussion of the wedding industry. His delight in serving clients shone through every story he told.

You can download the episode here or listen below!

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Social media: @MNEevents on Instagram and @MNEeventsCT on Facebook

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