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Interview with The Golden Scroll Soloists

Kevin Bishop and Marianne Vogel of the Golden Scroll Soloists join Regina and Cate to talk about the string music ensemble group's fifteen years of experience and all they've learned in that time.

Kevin and Marianne educated us about what sets wedding musicians apart from concert players and how they accommodate clients' wide array of musical tastes with their custom musical arrangements.

We had a few good laughs as they reminisced about some particularly memorable weddings, and we bonded over those inevitable lessons you only have to learn once in business.

The Golden Scroll Soloists travel all over New England and New York and have a popular YouTube channel where you can hear the huge variety of music they play.

Download the episode here or listen below.

Where to find them:


Phone: (860) 333-5461

Social media: @GoldenScrollSoloists on Instagram and @GSSstrings on Facebook

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