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Interview with Gretchen Maurer of Wedding Morning Success

Gretchen Maurer, hairdresser, consultant, educator, and author, joined the We Do Wedding Podcast to talk about what she's learned after being in the wedding beauty business for over thirty years--and why she's transferred some of that knowledge into a popular educational Facebook group and several books.

Gretchen was the first person to launch a wedding hair/e-commerce website back in 1998 and has been passionate about educating couples AND hair stylists ever since. She's become an expert in the "successful wedding morning" after learning all the things that can prevent starting your big day right. We chatted about why it's so important for hair and makeup artists to wear multiple hats, and why having one particular style you're good at isn't enough to serve wedding clients well.

We really enjoyed talking to Gretchen about what all our jobs have in common: our clients are vulnerable, and we work with them on an extremely meaningful and potentially anxiety-filled day. As a result, her stories and advice are full of wisdom and soul.

You can download the episode here or listen below!


Social media: @gretchenmaurerupdos on Instagram and @weddingmorningsuccess on Facebook

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