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Interview with Lydia Arroyo of Lyds_Makeup

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Lydia Arroyo is a makeup artist based in Connecticut. Lydia joins Regina and Cate to discuss what people should focus on when hiring a makeup artist, why there aren't many makeup 'trends' when it comes to brides, and how hard it can be for dark-skinned women to find people who know how to do their makeup correctly.

Lydia has years of experience doing makeup in the fashion world as well as for weddings and events, and she has a huge social media following on Instagram, where she shares fun, colorful makeup tutorials using her own face as her canvas. When it comes to weddings, however, Lydia is all business--and she recognizes that, while "Instagram makeup" may be fun, trendy, and popular, most brides hire her to make them look like polished versions of themselves.

We enjoyed Lydia's perspective of the wedding day and loved learning how she connects with clients and books them repeatedly, even after their wedding. We also appreciated her tips for people looking for a makeup artist!

Download the episode here or listen below.

Where to find her:


Social media: @lyds_makeup on Instagram

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