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Interview with Shiran Nicholson of The Knowlton

Shiran Nicholson is the founder/owner of The Knowlton, a full-spectrum wedding/event venue, art gallery, and public space in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Shiran joined Cate and Regina in a fun, passionate conversation about his journey to (and with) the Knowlton and all of the things he hopes the space will one day provide for the city of Bridgeport and beyond.

Shiran radiated excitement about the venue he's created, and his enthusiasm and vision were truly infectious. He has created a space that welcomes everybody, with a variety of event spaces serving all kinds of public and private needs, on waterfront property.

Not only that, but he's thought of every vendor's needs and incorporated them into the very infrastructure and design of the building. Finally, there is an outdoor space complete with large-scale graffiti art that is currently open to the public. You need to hear Shiran talk about this venue--it might inspire you to tackle the big, dream project you have waiting in the wings!

You can download the episode here or listen below!

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Social media: @theknowlton on Instagram and Facebook

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