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Interview with Susie and Liza of Hope Lodge Venue

Susie and Liza are co-owners of Hope Lodge Venue, a wedding and event space in Moosup, Connecticut. They joined Regina and Cate to discuss their purpose in opening a venue in their community, and what buying and renovating an historic building has meant to them and their clients.

Susie and Liza recounted their decision to purchase a well-known building with loads of history in the small town of Moosup, CT. We learned about how they brought the place back to life with a singular purpose: providing a place for gatherings of all kind, for people on a budget!

It was fun hearing the entrepreneurs' vision and execution and talking about all the ways clients have been using the building and making it their own.

You can download the episode here or listen below!

Where to find them:

Social media: @hopelodgevenue on Instagram and Facebook

Find the hosts on social:

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