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Interview with Jordan Kentris of A Good Day, Inc.

Welcome back to The We Do Wedding Podcast, where hosts Regina Burris and Kate Berry dive deep into the intricate world of weddings. In this episode, they sit down with the incredibly talented Jordan Kentris, the creative mind behind A Good Day, Inc., a stationery company in Canada that transforms events into sensory experiences.

In this episode, you'll discover:

💌 Beyond Paper: Exploring Unique Designs: Join Regina and Kate as they explore Jordan's world of creativity, where stationery goes beyond paper. Jordan, known for his experimental designs, incorporates various textures like wood, leather, and even pompoms into his creations.

💡 Collaboration in the Creative Process: Learn how Jordan collaborates with planners to bring their visions to life. Discover the importance of understanding the client's vision, creating vision boards, and using samples to craft personalized stationery that tells a unique story.

🌐 Virtual Collaboration and Global Reach: Explore how Jordan navigates the challenges and benefits of collaborating virtually. Hear about the sensory experiences Jordan creates for clients worldwide and the role of technology in communicating and sharing physical materials.

🚀 Challenges and Triumphs: Delve into the creative process of designing custom stationery for events, where Jordan faces challenges like shipping and delivery but triumphs in conveying essential event details through thoughtful design.

🔑 Action Items for Couples and Vendors: Uncover actionable insights for couples, including interviewing stationers about their creative process and initiating honest conversations about ideas and timelines. For vendors, embrace collaboration and elevate the client experience beyond just a logo.

Join the conversation with Jordan Kentris as he shares the secrets of his craft, his passion for creating unforgettable experiences, and the challenges and triumphs of running a stationery business that goes beyond the ordinary.

Tune in to this episode for a journey into the artistry of wedding stationery, where creativity knows no bounds.

You can download the episode here or listen below!

Where to find Jordan:

Social media: @agooddayinc on Instagram

Find the hosts on social:

Don't miss out on more expert advice and wedding planning tips! Tune in to the next episode of The We Do Wedding Podcast, and as always, happy planning!

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