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Learn How to Write a Beautiful Wedding Ceremony Script Using with Founder Stephen Greitzer

Welcome back to The We Do Wedding Podcast, where hosts Regina Burrus and Cate Berry dive deep into the intricate world of weddings. In this episode, they sit down with Stephen Greitzer, the founder of Provenance, an innovative online platform revolutionizing the way couples personalize their wedding ceremonies.

In this episode, you'll discover:

🎙️ Introduction to Provenance: 

Regina and Cate dive right in, introducing Stephen Greitzer, the brains behind Provenance. Stephen shares how Provenance offers a range of tools, including a ceremony builder, vow builder, and toast builder, to help couples craft unique and meaningful wedding ceremonies.

🤝 Collaboration and Customization: 

Stephen discusses how Provenance fosters collaboration between couples, planners, and vendors to create authentic and memorable wedding experiences. The platform allows for customization to accommodate diverse cultural backgrounds and faiths.

💬 Building Authentic Speeches: 

The hosts and Stephen explore how Provenance helps guests prepare quality speeches and toasts that reflect genuine love and memories. From providing tips and tricks to offering access to professional speechwriters and public speaking coaches, Provenance ensures every speech is heartfelt and eloquent.

📝 Prioritizing Authenticity: 

Throughout the conversation, Stephen emphasizes the importance of authenticity in the wedding planning process. He encourages couples to stay true to themselves and their love story, ensuring their wedding reflects their genuine selves.

🌟 Final Thoughts: 

As the episode wraps up, Regina, Cate, and Stephen leave listeners with valuable insights into the power of personalized wedding ceremonies. They remind us that the ceremony is a cornerstone of the wedding day, deserving of careful thought and attention.

Tune in to the "We Do Wedding" podcast to discover more expert tips and insights from industry professionals like Stephen Greitzer. Don't miss out on creating the wedding ceremony of your dreams with Provenance!

Find out more about Provenance at on on Instagram @OurProvenance


Stay tuned for more episodes of the "We Do Wedding" podcast, where Regina and Cate continue to bring you inspiring stories and expert advice to make your wedding day truly unforgettable!

You can download the episode here or listen below!

Check out Provenance for yourself:

Social media: @OurProvenace on Instagram

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Don't miss out on more expert advice and wedding planning tips! Tune in to the next episode of The We Do Wedding Podcast, and as always, happy planning!

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