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Interview with Kristin Ferrarese of Fortuna's Catering Co.

Kristin Ferrarese is the Executive Chef and Creative Director of Fortuna's Catering Co. based in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Kristin was the first caterer to come on the podcast, and she did not disappoint. We talked about so much in this interview, from kitchen fires to preparing dinner by moonlight to how COVID has fundamentally changed Fortuna Catering Co.

Cate and Regina soon realized that Kristin is something of a rarity in this industry: she is both super detail-oriented/type A and is also a creative, through-and-through . She can manage a kitchen like nobody's business and understands the ins and outs of event logistics better than most, but she also gets joy from taking homespun, comfort foods and turning them into food worthy of two people's first meal as a married couple.

We thoroughly enjoyed our conversation with Kirstin. Through it all, her easy demeanor, passion, and expertise shone through.

More information about Kim and Fortuna Catering Co.: Once I became a mom in 2015, I joined my mother and became partners in this catering business. I have a deep passion for events and weddings! I think a lot of these COVID wedding trends will remain for a few seasons, so[I love rethinking events to make them fun and special in new ways.

I’ve also been engaged with the CT Events Coalition for reopening events safely again and feel very comfortable navigating an event during the pandemic. The coalition meets regularly with the governor, so it’s helpful to know what timelines and restrictions are coming our way! Really hoping couples see that we are as anxious or even more so to get their events going again--we are with them in this.

Fortuna’s Catering Co. is the exclusive caterer for the Discovery Museum and Planetarium, which will be opening soon with a very cool outdoor "under the stars" adventure wedding style package. Beyond that, all of our caterings are “off site,” meaning everything is brought with us to the customer. Always a new venue or home presenting new challenges and opportunities.

Download the episode here or listen below.

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Social media: @FortunasCateringCo on Instagram, @FortunasCateringCo on Facebook

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