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Interview with Anna Powers of Seacoast Ceremonial Music

Anna Powers is the owner of Seacoast Ceremonial Music, a wedding and event music ensemble business based in Kittery, Maine and serving most of New England. Anna joins Regina and Cate to discuss the weddings that have made a home in her heart, why learning the hard way is inevitable as a business owner, and that time she and her fellow musicians learned the theme song to Mortal Combat.

We talked at length about giving up control and learning to delegate, and Anna and Regina commiserated over the struggles of balancing a business with a full-time job. (Anna is a social studies teacher when she's not playing the flute or managing her business!)

Anna also recounted some memorable song choices her clients have made, and we chatted about popular ceremonial songs she recommends. We also discussed the hidden costs of running a business--particularly one involving musical instruments!--and how much you can learn about a person when you discover the music that speaks to their heart. Anna was lovely to talk to, and as always, we learned so much from her unique perspective on a wedding!

Download the episode here or listen below.

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Social media: @Seacoast_Ceremonial_Music on Instagram

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