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Interview with Myke and Randy of Le'Mixx Band

Myke Ross is the band leader of Le'Mixx Band, a wedding band out of Hamden, Connecticut. Myke and band member Randy joined Regina and Cate to talk about their longtime love of seventies music, growing up playing music together, and how a DJ just can't rival the energy of an eight-piece band. They're two totally different beasts.

We talked about how Le'Mixx Band brings the party to any wedding, providing lights, energy, and all different kinds of music throughout any and all parts of a wedding.

They regaled us with stories about their history together as young friends who ran into each other later in life, and we laughed over how fate can bring people together at Stop N' Shop. When asked if there's something that people who seek them out all have in common, Myke answered without missing a beat, 'Well, they're hip." That pretty much sums up our interview with them.

Myke and Randy were delightfully laid-back and easy to talk to, and they stoked the flame for wanting to see live music again!

Download the episode here or listen below.

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