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Interview with Rick Starke of The Glorious Unknown

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Rick Starke is the band leader of The Glorious Unknown, a wedding and event band based out of Western Massachusetts. Rick joins Regina and Cate to discuss what it takes to play a wedding, why he thinks having a female-fronted band is so important, and how he can pretty much guarantee they're going to crush any wedding they're hired for.

The Glorious Unknown have been together as a band for the past decade and have been playing weddings for the past five years. Rick schooled us on what makes that scenario unique and how the group has used their history to their advantage in the wedding industry.

Rick also walked us through what the booking process looks like for the band and described what exactly clients can expect when they hire The Glorious Unknown. He enlightened us on the particulars of how a band differs from a DJ (note: it's not just in the final product), and explained why wedding bands cost significantly more than DJs. And we got to geek out with him about how much we all love good communication between vendors: Rick proved himself to us already on this front!

Download the episode here or listen below.

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Social media: @TheGloriousUnknown on Instagram, @TheGloriousUnknown on Facebook

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